5 tips prior to designing the gear motors

5 tips prior to designing the gear motors

  •   22/06/2019 10:15:00 PM
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We could say gear motors are considered to be a fundamental part in industry. Their applications are endless, and they have always been the central part of the most precise motions and displacements in machines.

PMDC motor construction

What are DC Motors Usually Gear Motors

  •   21/06/2019 10:22:00 PM
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Many battery-operated devices rely on DC motors for power. Because of their high shaft speeds—typically 1500-6000 RPM under load—DC motors are commonly paired with a gearbox.

What is a DC Motor?

What is a DC Motor?

  •   03/06/2019 08:52:00 PM
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A Direct Current (DC) motor is a rotating electrical device that converts direct current, of electrical energy, into mechanical energy. An Inductor (coil) inside the DC motor produces a magnetic field that creates rotary motion as DC voltage is applied to its terminal.

Understanding IP Ratings

Understanding IP Ratings

  •   30/01/2019 09:50:00 PM
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The protection of enclosures against ingress of dirt or against the ingress of water is defined in IEC529 (BSEN60529:1991). Conversely, an enclosure which protects equipment against ingress of particles will also protect a person from potential hazards within that enclosure, and this degree of protection is also defined as a standard.


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