Benefits to Using Dolin gear motors

Wednesday - 01/05/2019 10:34

Benefits to Using Dolin gear motors

Using gear motors have many benefits in various industrial settings. About one-third of motor-driven motion systems use gearing, benefitting size-constrained applications and those running at 1,000 rpm or less.
Keep reading for the benefits to using gear motors in industrial applications.

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Benefits to Using Dolin Gear Motors

Cost savings:

Using a gear motor to multiply torque, and reduce speed helps to decrease the overall cost of operating the system. The efficiency and reliability of the gear motors offers benefits to an application immediately. Many gear motors are inexpensive to install and require little maintenance, meaning there will be less unscheduled downtime to repair the gears.  

Environmental benefit:

Efficient speed reducers can achieve significant savings, both in energy and drive component costs. In addition, gear motors also assists the environment and the workers operating them. Industrial electric motor systems are responsible for approximately 1/12 of all greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel power plants. By reducing motor power consumption with efficient speed reducers, like gear motors, the production of greenhouse gases can be significantly reduced.
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Gear motors provide an advantage when directly coupled to the motor output shaft. This creates a mechanical advantage based on a ratio between the number of gears and the number of teeth on each gear. For example, if a motor generates 100 lb-in. of torque, attaching a 5:1 gearhead generates an output torque of 500 lb-in.
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Speed reduction:

Gear motors are also known as gear reducers because as they increase output torque they decrease output speed. A motor running at 1,000 rpm fitted with a 5:1 ratio gearhead outputs 200 rpm.

This speed reduction improves system performance because many motors do not operate efficiently at low rpm.

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