What are Features, Benefits and Use of Gear Boxes and Geared Motors?

Thursday - 02/08/2018 03:33

What are Features, Benefits and Use of Gear Boxes and Geared Motors?

Manufacturing and large scale industries including sugar,paper, cement, steel, rubber, mines, chemical and power plant among others are now searching for versatile and compact geared motors and gearboxes that offer a great deal of flexibility, performance and power.
This is precisely why an increasing number of Geared Motor Dealers and Gear Box manufacturers are now focusing on designing technologically advanced and unique gear boxes and geared motors that help in minimizing the energy costs and enable industries in fulfilling their tasks effectively.

Read on to find out more about the features, use and benefits of gear boxes and geared motors.

The Use and Benefits of Geared Motors and Gear Boxes

A Geared Motor encompasses a small sized motor, designed usinga gearhead. They are used for torque multiplying and allow small sized motors to produce higher torque. They are highly effective in terms of reducing noiseand are used for various applications including crushers, mixers, thickeners,agitators, kneaders and conveyors.  

Ageared motor is used for aligning rotor pinions as well as gear trainsperfectly. They are designed for eliminating gearhead or motor couplings andmisalignment of the bearings. Geared motors and gear boxes are used for variousapplications and also for reducing maintenance related costs. They areexcellent at improving operational output and efficiency.

Today, a number of Gear Box Dealers in Vietnam  innovative gear boxes such as the Greaves Gear boxes that are created using superior quality raw materials innumerous sizes and multiple ratios.

They are used across various industries forenhanced power and efficiency and are renowned for their quality, construction,flexibility, compactness, reliability and durability. They are also used forenhancing production performance as well as capacity and also allow companiesto increase their profitability.

Reputed Inline helical gear Dealers also provide specialized helical gear boxes that areadvanced in terms of technology and easy as well as quick to install. Theyoffer high rate of tolerance and high and strong housing, higher thermalcapacity and efficiency. They are designed to consume very little power andoffer higher range of torque.

Features of geared boxes and geared motors

Today, industries and manufacturing units look forward tousing innovative modular based geared boxes and geared motors that enable themto boost their production within a very short period of time. This has prompted gear box and geared motor manufacturers to design sophisticated and sturdyequipments that help in minimizing noise, bear higher load capacity and offerexcellent output.

The Helical gear boxes available in the market today offeroutput in multiple ranges and come with parallel gears. They offer higherefficiency and are ideal for high powered transmission machines and systems.

In a nutshell, companies that are looking to enhance theirproductivity and accomplish their projects quickly and efficiently can easilyopt for well integrated and technologically advanced gearboxes and gearedmotors to speed up their processes. In fact, industries of all scales and sizeshave come to realize that with superior and feature rich gear boxes and gearedmotors, managing processes and systems will not only be simple but alsoconvenient at the same time.

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